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Started his career from the local courts of New York City, today, Seth Michael Goldstein is recognized among the top rated civil litigation attorneys in the United States. He has been in this industry from over 20 years, continuously providing valuable advice and solutions to the US citizens for any of their cases related to finance, real state or personal injury, etc. With his ability and hard effort, the strategies that Mr. Seth plans, are enough to draw case in your favor, whether the case is related to property, theft, dowry, workstation harassment, or finance. You can also trust Mr. Seth for providing his advice on cases related to bankruptcy or credit card debts.

Being a leading civil litigation lawyer in NYC, the legal solutions that he provides are of the highest standards and strategized as per your case requirements. He is recognized for his sought-after personality. Often, you can watch or listen Mr. Goldstein on TV or radio channels, where he shares his years of experience in the industry. He is also shown on various discussion channels, where you can find him sharing his views for or against any high profile case. Holding a status of best legal analyst among the people, all the cases Mr. Michael deals with, are accomplished easily and efficiently. His passion to provide perfect case strategies, advanced trial techniques and communication measures in the favor of its clients, makes him stand out of the crowd.

Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein has successfully handled and accomplished a number of cases under his long tenure of over 20 years. Some of his cases include Mortgage Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, Shoplifting, ID Theft, Violation of Restraining Order, Stalking and many others. So, in case, if you are undergoing any illegal molestation or facing any dispute regarding any of your legal matter, feel free to contact Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein for his expert advisory.

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