Dangerous Medical Devices and Drugs

The medical profession is one of expertise, collaboration and advanced information. When a doctor uses what can be described as risky and dangerous procedures and devices without consent or giving all the information needed a negative result can happen. This is the case with the use of drugs that are meant to be administered only for specific uses for extreme cases and needs but some medical professionals have been found to use these drugs in cases where they are not needed.

Because the more dangerous methods, devices and drugs are typically left for an expert in the field and collaboration by the team when a doctor uses a device or drug that doesn’t fit the symptoms you have its time to contact a lawyer and file charges against this doctor. The right lawyer is Seth Michael Goldstein who offers you years of experience fighting against doctors and hospitals for a variety of medical malpractice related cases, which this situation would certainly qualify as. If the medicine or the procedures being used in your care seem extreme and certainly too aggressive you not only should get a second opinion, but also an attorney.

The medical profession is one that continues to need monitoring and most doctors are careful with their diagnosis and use of dangerous medical devices and drugs which can become overused. This can cause further injury, dependence on the drugs and medical complications that could have been avoided with the proper treatments. When this happens to you or a loved one, let Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law take your case and work to bring you the resolution you want and deserve, which includes criminal charges against the medical professional who used and administered the equipment and drugs.

You should have no fear of visiting a doctor or being treated in a hospital but there are cases of medical negligence and malpractice that do take place on a regular basis. If you or someone close to you experiences the use of dangerous medical procedures that seem unnecessary contact Seth Michael Goldstein right away to begin taking legal action against the doctor. You wouldn’t want this doctor using this equipment or giving these drugs to anyone else and the only way to stop them is through proof and legal action from your attorney..