Premises Liability

Learning who is liable for what part of a property can be a contentious topic between a landlord and their tenants. It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a home that is safe, carefully maintained and able to offer the correct living conditions. Unfortunately many landlords do not understand this responsibility and try to put off paying for upgrades needed to an apartment building or home until it’s too late. At times the safety of the tenants can really come into question which can cause injury, making the costs associated with the safety of the premises even greater.

In order to properly take the challenge and have premises made safe by the landlord a tenant at times must hire a lawyer to take their case and show their seriousness with this topic. The right attorney is Seth Michael Goldstein who can make sure your home is made safe, brought up to code, made livable or address the other needs associated with the landlord and tenant relationship. In a city like New York City these cases happen often, more often than they should, and landlords are made to answer for their negligence.

A majority of these cases taken on by Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law are settled with the landlord taking the action needed to make the building livable, but sometimes safety is involved and injuries have occurred which cause the landlord to be liable for more than just building upgrades. In these cases a bit more research and investigation is needed and Seth Michael Goldstein has the right team to investigate these cases to bring about a settlement from the landlord that pays for the medical bills and restitution.

There is no reason to feel you have to live in a building that deteriorates and is not kept updated and livable. When this becomes the case or injuries are experienced because of negligence on the part of a landlord you do have actions you can take. Let Seth Michael Goldstein be your attorney and handle your case against your landlord. With a little persuasion, especially before an injury occurs your landlord can be held accountable for the safety, security and livability of the building you reside in..