About us

Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein is one of the leading defense attorney journals in the United States, who started his career from the local defense courts in the New York City. In no-time, he achieved a reputable position among the citizens of NYC for providing high quality legal solutions. His hard efforts bear fruitful results, and soon many television and radio channels started contacting Mr. Seth to share his valuable experience with the local citizens. During his start-up, he faced many ups and downs, but as his popularity rose, he gained popularity among the top civil litigation lawyers in the United States.

From molestation at workstation to personal injury disputes, Mr. Goldstein expertise at providing solutions for any of the disputes, an individual is facing. The range of cases for which this reputed attorney in New York provide its legal assistance includes criminal law, drug crimes, driving under drug influence, white collar crime and much more. Initially started his career providing legal solutions for above related cases, he soon was contacted by individuals for solving high-profile cases disputes. Though, solving high profile cases involves a level of risk, but with his vast knowledge he got success in accomplishing some of the major high profile cases of that time. This gave a boost to his reputation and as a result, he became famous US wide as one of the best attorneys.

Various cases that Mr. Goldstein has successfully accomplished till time includes Mortgage Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, Shop-lifting, ID Theft, Violation of Restraining Order, Stalking and other related issues. If you are facing any high profile dispute, then too you can contact Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein for his expert advice and services..