Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the leading causes of injuries in the country is motor vehicle accidents. With more accidents occurring each day it’s important to have the proper insurance coverage to ensure if you are at fault your insurance company will take care of the claim. Unfortunately not every driver is covered that is on the road and some insurance companies are slow to pay claims or allow you to take action you need to continue on with your life such as securing a rental car while yours is being repaired. When this is the case you need someone who can help you fight against the insurance company and Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law is the right person to take on this challenge.

When a person is not insured as they should be Seth Michael Goldstein will build a case against this person individually since there is no insurance company to file against. This case can begin with the criminal negligence of not having insurance and continue to bring you a settlement that will certainly gain you the money you need to offset the costs of medical bills, missed income, rental car costs, repair cost and any other associated costs.

When the other driver is properly insured by the insurance company is either slow to pay or chooses to compartmentalize the claim you need the help of Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law to help persuade them to make the payment on your behalf. By building a case and showing the cost the company will incur to settle many insurance companies are more apt to settle more quickly when they learn that you do have an attorney who is willing to go to court if need be on your behalf.

Injuries during motor vehicle accidents do occur and when the accident is the fault of the other driver you need to be able to gain restitution for your losses. With Seth Michael Goldstein by your side you will be able to feel confident your costs will be covered. With this assurance you can focus on healing from your injuries and begin the process of having your vehicle repaired or replaced as needed and determined by the adjustor. Let your attorney handle the challenge of gaining you the settlement you deserve from the insurance company or the uninsured motorist..