Failure To Diagnose

As much as it’s difficult to take an inaccurate diagnosis of a disease or disorder it’s even worse when a diagnosis doesn’t come at all. Why a doctor would fail to diagnose a patient is a mystery to most, but it does happen and can happen all too often. A failure to diagnose a child with a disorder that could lead to them gaining the proper support and therapy they might need to develop their abilities beyond the limits of the disorder, but the fact is that for children this diagnosis has to come early to be fully effective.

Whether the failure to diagnose has to do with a child or an adult some of the results can be fatal at the worst and at the best have the disease grow and spread. This failure on the part of a medical professional can certainly be detrimental to your trust and even cause unforeseen medical expenses to be incurred. You do need a lawyer to help you when a failure to diagnose takes place and Seth Michael Goldstein is the right attorney for you. With his help you can be certain no one else has this problem with the same doctor and you receive a fair settlement to help offset the costs and stress you are about to face.

By bringing in experts in the field to review charts and medical data Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law will be able to show how and when you or your loved one should have been diagnosed with the disease or disorder you are suffering through. The settlement asked for may include payment for the missed time of therapy or growth of the disease that you experience from the time it should have been caught and properly diagnosed.

A failure to diagnose can lead to a multitude of problems including death. With the help of Seth Michael Goldstein you can bring the doctors to justice who should have seen the signs and made a proper diagnosis of your disease or disorder. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim, call these legal experts today and let them handle your case for you.