Our expertise lies in providing legal services for cases related to motor vehicle charges, drunk driving, criminal charges, manufacture, distribution or possession of drugs, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, simple assault, aggravated assault, theft, shop-lifting, homicide, murder, domestic violence, and careless driving, etc. Some of the cases that we majorily undertake include following:

Auto Accidents

If you are dealing with any of your past auto accidents or DUI cases, then consulting Mr. Seth for his legal solutions can help you in getting free. Recognized among the top defense lawyers in NYC, the legal assistance that Mr. Goldstein provide meet the highest standards and are tailored to benefit you. You can trust him in any of your auto accident cases related to distracted drivers, drowsy drivers, impaired drivers, speeding and driving aggressively.

Tax Law

Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein has years of experience in handling financial cases. Whether the dispute is correlated to your tax issues or related to debt problems, availing his legal solutions can assist you in putting a break to your long driven taxation cases and getting rid of unwanted tax disputes. Well known United States wide as one of the best taxation lawyers, the legal assistance that Mr. Seth provide will help you in successfully accomplishing your financial disputes.

Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a real estate property always requires good thinking and consideration. Since real estate matters are risky to handle all alone, therefore it is vital to take assistance of a qualified real estate lawyer who have efficient skills and knowledge in handling real estate disputes. When it comes to providing legal solutions for real estate disputes, Mr. Goldstein is a customer’s first choice. Well recognized US wide for providing legal assistance of the highest standards, Mr. Seth holds a reputable position among the top ranked real estate lawyer in the United States.

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